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I have seen Dr. Mirando for occasional pain that flares up over the past couple of years. I don’t know how he does it, but within a couple of sessions, he always manages to seriously decrease my pain and sometimes alleviate it entirely. His office staff is very professional and always willing to fit me in when I need help. I would certainly recommend Dr. Mirando!

Sammy D.

Dr. Mirando is a great chiropractor. I have been going here for 5 years and my husband is now a patient as well. His treatment plans are always effective and I also appreciate that he is a straight shooter and an all around good guy.

I find his pricing to be extremely affordable for the DC market and would recommend him highly.

Crista G.
Dr. Mirando is an excellent chiropractor whom I credit with helping me overcome chronic back and neck problems and maintain good overall spinal health. Several years ago I developed nerve-related pain in my upper extremities which was diagnosed by my former chiropractor as being caused by several misaligned vertebrae.

Dr. Mirando made it easy to become comfortable with him and have confidence in him… He’s the complete package − very personable and knowledgeable, superb technique, great listener, caring and reliable. I have been even more pleased with how generally pain-free I am remaining thanks to my regular adjustments from Dr. Mirando and his experienced, talented hands. I highly recommend him.

Michael K.
It is always a pleasure to visit the Mirando Chiropractic clinic. Dr. Mirando and his staff are true professionals. The office staff also is very helpful in filing insurance claims. I wish that all of the doctor’s offices in town were as professional and pleasant!
Claude B.
Attentive, focused, concerned about finding the solution to chronic and acute pain I have experienced. I am loyal because it works and I have a higher quality of living.
Deborah V.
I am always happy with the adjustments I receive from both Dr. Mirando and Dr. Brown. They have helped enormously with my own back and neck issues.

Recently, Dr. Mirando’s adjustment of my neck after I had a tooth extraction was wonderful. He relieved all the pain that I had built up in my neck and he was able to do it without putting any pressure on my very sore jaw. Elegant!

Diane S. (licensed acupuncturist)
Always helpful and providing ways of continual improvement. Highly recommend.
Clare C.
I have been seeing Dr. Brown for over twenty-five years. When he moved his practice to join Dr. Dominick Mirando, I began also seeing Dr. Mirando. They are both wonderful. Chiropractic has been an essential part of my well-being, from general maintenance to helping me get through a serious illness involving Bell’s Palsy. The office staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful.
Robin G.
When I walked in I had serious long-term pain including migraine headaches. Doctors Brown and Mirando developed a treatment plan which eliminated all pain, left me feeling energetic, and improved my overall health. Dr. Brown also cured a very painful dislocated shoulder. My overall health has never been better. I highly recommend this chiropractic practice.
Tom D.
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